Dylan and Jack Episode 4: Sex, Drugs and Rivendell !

That's right, the fourth episode of my podcast is fresh out! We kick off with an exclusive on a new Lord of the Rings TV series, and then go on to talk about shit jobs in Soho, what it's like working at Dazed & Confused magazine, getting trashed at the gay film festival, and we meet gay electro pop star Christianoshi.

Have a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/dylanandjack/dylan-and-jack-episode-4-sex

We've had some really good feedback on the show so far, and although it could be a coincidence,both Matt Lucas and David Walliams have started following us on Twitter!


Or "BFI Flare" as its now called! I thought you might like to read this piece I wrote for Gay Times on the 1987 film 'The Lost Boys'. I caught it on the big screen at BFI Flare and learnt some dark secrets behind the film and its cast when doing my research later on that night -


The other stand out film for me this year was The Last Match, or "La Partida". A gripping tale of two Peruvian lovers whose secret gay life is challenged and torn apart by the increasing pressures of arranged marriage, football trials, gay prostitution and tourism -

Well worth giving it a Google and learning more.

Any other news from me? I can't think right now, it's too sunny. I'm in the process of reading all of Patrick Gale's novels too, ahead of an interview in September which is when the uncorrected proofs of his new novel will be sent out.

Later on this month I'm going on a road trip around Eastern Germany and Poland too, so more about that soon.

Jack -x-

Dylan & Jack: Episode 2 !


Episode 2 of our gay London podcast 'Dylan and Jack' went live today. In this episode we discuss scene haunts G-A-Y Late and Escape Bar, we answer a listener's question "What's the best way to end a bad date?", we discuss the business acumen of both Beyonce and Lady Gaga, and then leading on from a dinner party hosted by the author David Plante we talk about bareback sex - and its seemingly increasing popularity within the young gay community.

Also featured are Paris Lees, the drag queen Baga Chipz and part-time pop singer Alexandra Burke. Enjoy!

Guardian Top Comment !

I was chufffed today to receive the Guardian's "Pick" badge on my comment in response to Rebecca Nicholson's article today - "Could all the Russia is gay jokes do more harm than good?"

And 114 thumbs up so far.

I enjoy Rebecca's work at the Guardian. Our paths collided around about this time last year when I wrote my "Top 10 Cliches of Gay Short Films" feature for the Guardian, and it inspired Rebecca to write a lesbian spin-off piece.

Last month for Gay Times I wrote about the homophobic crisis in Russia, by reviewing the documentary "Young & Gay in Putin's Russia" and adding some of my own thoughts. You can read that piece here:


I've no idea why the article is categorised online under 'GT Music', but I don't suppose it matters too much.

Dylan & Jack : London's brand new LGBT podcast

Here it is! The pilot episode of "Dylan and Jack", a new London-based podcast all about the gay scene and our lives on, in and under the spell of it! This first episode pays homage to a host of familiar London personalities including Kate Moss, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and everyone's favourite toilet attendant Mary from cheap and chic week night haunt G-A-Y Late. Take a listen and enter one of our inane competitions:


Discussing our lives here in London as young journalists, our podcast sets out to expose some of the myths of this glorious city, while also offering heartfelt advice to anyone looking to move here as we ourselves did from the provincial sticks of Devon and Melton Mowbray respectively a few years ago.

For a while now Dylan and I have been talking about doing a podcast together. We both met as writers employed by Gay Times magazine, Britain's original gay magazine. After a bit of a teething period, which is quite normal apparently when two writers with similarities cross paths, we went on to form a strong friendship and sail the London scene together. I tend to write mostly about the internet, sex, art and gay literature. Dylan's writing currently resides more within the realms of gay youth culture, pop music and TV.

After Santa Claus bought me a microphone for Christmas, I decided to take it back to the shop and swap it for a different one that would enable Dylan and I to record a podcast together in a relaxed environment and talk to each other in exactly the same conditions in which we talk to each other most evenings. We decided that 2014 would be the year that we finally, definitely, make the podcast idea happen, recording from the centre of my avant garde gin-infused kitchen. This kitchen has seen several momentous events including Bob Henderson's notorious Ke$ha themed party, trans activist Paris Lees's "Most Influential LGBT Person on Earth" party, and comedian Paul Foot's "Night of Madness".

We'd quite like to host our podcast with a magazine, website or publication that fits our interests and our demographic. So if you're a prospective host or sponsor please do get in touch, either by messaging us on SoundCloud or by tweeting us: on @JackCullenUK or @DylanBJones. Enjoy!

Even though it is our personal belief that gay adolescents should be free to learn about the world at large at a pace that suits them in accordance with their own personal development, "Dylan and Jack" is an Over 18s podcast that should only be listened to by adults.

If you are 16-18 and want to listen to our podcast then seek permission first from a parent or adult guardian who has listened to the podcast first and approved it. The podcast is certainly not suitable for anybody under 16 as it casually covers material of an adult nature.

Albert Wainwright: Discovering the lost sketchbooks of one of Britain's most talented and controversial water-colourists

Today I mentioned my first New Statesman article "Discovering the lost sketchbooks of Albert Wainwright" in a conversation and I realised that I've never actually shared the piece here on my personal blog.

What's more, following on from the piece I am delighted to hear that the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield have now decided to extend the exhibition due to a little re-surge in attention, and so I am going to write a second piece, a review of the show and some of the new insights it throws on Wainwright.

This short video released by the gallery is brilliant and really demonstrates Wainwright's talent and strength in his chosen field of water colours. The narration by exhibition assistant Holly Grange is splendid too:

You can follow the Hepworth Gallery on Twitter: @HepworthGallery

On BBC Sport's negative article about Tom Daley's coming out

I was surprised to see Matt Slater at BBC Sport managed to slide such a snide feature on Tom Daley past his BBC editors. Take a read of  "Tom Daley's coming out shouldn't matter - but it does"

The tone is horrible isn't it? And the content is misleading...

Slater uses former BP chief executive Lord Browne's outing as an example of how coming out is terrible for one's career. Lord Browne wasn't chastised simply for coming out, he was in office as chief executive of BP while a massive explosion occured in Texas in which 15 workers died. Lord Browne didn't immediately resign and the Daily Mail began digging into his background, they discovered that he was living in a closeted homosexual relationship with a rent boy. This is a far cry from young Tom's scenario wouldn't you say! And why did Slater deliberately omit these colossal facts from his piece?

On the matter of sponsorship, Slater speculates that it might be an issue for Daley now that he is openly gay, claiming that international companies don't like supporting gay people. The CEO of Apple is gay, the second in command of Google is gay and there are uncountable clothing manufacturers out there who have gay creative directors. So what on earth is Slater jibbering on about?

Slater patronisingly admits that Daley's in a tier of celebrity that is unheard of for a "humble tumbler" but forgets how the gay community played a key part in pedalling Daley's status as a pin-up in the first place.

As for the Russian Olympics, while there is a terrible anti-gay crisis occurring there yes, that is no reason for us to all suddenly closet ourselves, and there's absolutely no need for Matt Slater to fear monger in the BBC Sport pages. Thank God some of us in the gay community have bigger balls than Mr. Slater, otherwise we'd all be quaking in our leather boots.

Besides, Tom won't even be performing at the Winter Olympics because he's a gay diver not a gay figure skater.

The BBC should provide unbiased factual content, and while Matt Slater does his best to conceal what seems to me like a distaste towards gay culture and the implications of it not being a hidden cult, I think he could have done a little bit better in congratulating young Tom for taking control of his own coming out.

As for Slater's facetious comment on "why don't we hear about teenagers coming out as straight?" Well obviously that is because we live in a world catered beyond proportion towards straight people and so it is taken as a given that new human beings will be straight.

I wouldn't usually waste space on my blog with opinion pieces on such Sports articles but the BBC website is forbidding comments on Slater's wishy washy rush job of a piece. I don't think Matt Slater is a homophobe or bigot, but I thought his piece was a bit silly, very unhelpful, and generally just a bit awful.

You can tweet me @jackcullenuk

My New Statesman exclusive on the lost sketchbooks of Albert Wainwright:

I wrote a feature for NS about the recent discovery and subsequent publishing of Albert Wainwright's three surviving sketchbooks. The controversial watercolourist was a classmate of Henry Moore, a contemporary of Christopher Isherwood and a forebearer and possibly influence to David Hockey. Here's the article:

On the American national anthem... and its queer history.

Today is the anniversary of "The Star-Spangled Banner", the American national anthem (as of 1931) which Francis Scott Key wrote in 1814.

I decided to do a little bit of research into whether the lyricist was gay, not because "star spangled banner" sounds beyond camp and he may as well have called the anthem Vogue, but because, you know, a lot of successful early 19th century lyricists were at least bi.

I found this fascinating little piece written by the American writer Martin Greif (who died in 1996) that links the American national anthem to the pederastic Greek poet Anacreon.

Anacreon and the American National Anthem

By the late Martin Greif

"What does the Greek poet Anacreon have to do with Francis Scott Key? Well, Anacreon's poems (which were largely about boys he diddled, such youths as Smerdus, Leukaspis, Simalus, Euryalus and Bathyllus, to name but a few) had a distinct structure. This poetic structure became known therefore as 'Anacreontics'. 

"Several poets imitated the Anacreontic style when Anacreon's poems were rediscovered by English poets. The popularity of Anacreontics culminated in the popular song "Anacreon in Heaven", and, as every schoolboy should know, the music to the song eventually became the tune for the American national anthem.

"Francis Scott Key's words may have been inspiring in the past, but they're impossible to memorize because archaic. If you doubt this, listen to the mumbles that pass for words whenever the song is sung at a high school graduation. And watch people shifting uneasily from one foot to the other while staring at their shoes.

"The tune itself to 'The Star-Spangled Banner' is positively unsingable. There have been several attempts to convince Congress to seek a new national anthem, but no luck thus far. If you want to accelerate this movement, just let the Moral Majority  know that the anthem has everything to do with some foreign fag who used to dip his dork in little Greek boys just like theirs. That oughta do the job!"

- Martin Greif wrote this little piece in the 1980s. Thirty years later America is still stuck with the same terrible national anthem. Still, at least it's interesting to know that the song has its roots in pederastic ancient Greece.


Hungover blog post.

Had a little chat with pig-faced drag sensation Ma Butcher for my Gay Times blog. The 10th anniversary show of Gay Bingo is at Hackney Empire on the 25th of October.

Here's the interview:

Get tickets for Gay Bingo 10th Anniversary here:

Anglican Mainstream beg followers for £20K to fund Anti-Gay Marriage Ad idea.

Hi guys, a contact of mine is on the mailing list for Anglican Mainstream and so is able to intercept the anti-gay messages that they circulate. Anglican Mainstream are a Christian organisation who take a belligerent anti-gay marriage stance.

Anglican Mainstream are currently in the process of trying to extract money from their followers to place an advert in The Times against gay marriage, in the hope that members of The House of Lords will see it. I'm pretty sure those in the House of Lords read the Telegraph, FT, Private Eye and Playboy, but there we go.

A guy called David Skinner at Anglican Mainstream has sent two emails out which my friend forwarded to me. I've pasted both of them below for you to read.

I've no problem with circulating his anti-gay marriage views because they contain absolutely no sense or deliver any conviction to a sound mind. It's actually quite interesting to look into the minds of these anti-gay people who spend so much of their time worrying about gay couples being happy.

The first starts off quite cheerily, thanking Anglican Mainstream members for their donations amounting to £10,000 thus far and reveals that the advert is going to list 10 reasons why gay people should be denied marriage. The email came with a long list of links which I've pasted at the foot of this blog post. 

The second email is more desperate and begging for more money, a ballpark figure of £20,000 is given and a link for people to donate. If the hateful Times advert is rejected, which surely it will be, will David Skinner reimburse his misguided donors? I doubt it.

As the second email progresses and its language becomes more intimidating, I began to wonder if Anglican Mainstream are basically just press ganging and conning their followers for money?

Anyway. I'm not going to sit here blogging the obvious and explain again why gay marriage is clearly a good thing and a step forward for society. I'm just going to paste the two bizarre emails from Anglican Mainstream so that you can read them for yourself. You can post a comment below, or find me on Twitter @jackcullenuk. Jack xx


"Dear Friends,
First of all thank you so much for responding so quickly to our appeal to raise £10000 pounds in order to place an advertisement in today’s The Times newspaper, 17th June, 2013, stating ten good reasons why the House of Lords should say No to the same-sex marriage Bill.
Please buy your copy, today. The ad somewhere near page 34.
The ad uses secular language and arguments as we want to engage our opponents on mainstream ground; they have emotionalism but we have facts and evidence. We are concentrating especially on the wellbeing of children as at the moment gay rights trump children's rights. We want to reverse that.
Your response to our appeal for funding the ad was immediate and came literally from all parts of the globe. The 4200 email respondents whom I garnered from a petition that many of you signed, back in 2010, in support of Mr and Mrs Bull’s bed and breakfast at Chymorvah in Cornwall, are both a tremendous source of encouragement and intelligence. One of you, just one, whom I will not name, was responsible for supplying information that enabled us to humble Tesco, ever since it’s Head of Research and Development, Nick Lansley mocked the dead body of Christ and decided to support World Pride 2013. God uses the insignificant individual to bring down those dare to defame His glorious name. [1]
You have also helped to launch the new websitehttp://www.gaymarriagenothanks.com/ to coincide with the start of the committee stage of the SSM Bill in the House of Lords today. This new initiative has involved a lot of work by a small Band of Brothers and Sisters, of whom you are all key.
Spearheading this is Alan Craig, who needs our support and especially prayers for protection for him and his wife and children. Our enemy is ruthless and has no regard for either the born or born child, whom it regards as a mere commodity, to be either bought, sold or destroyed. It would be no exaggeration to say its name, Narcissism, is similar in sound to the enemy, Nazism that attacked the outer fabric western civilisation 70 years ago. Except that this enemy eats away at the very heart of our nation.
The initiative may not get any media traction at all or alternatively it may provoke a firestorm. Who knows? Only the Lord does. But it is exciting to start a public fight-back following the extraordinary failure of nerve by many members of both Houses of Parliament.
Please get involved by engaging with the new website http://www.gaymarriagenothanks.com/
David Skinner


"Dear Friends,
Yesterday I sent out a plea for £15- £20,000 to place an ad in The Times this Monday,17th June, spelling out the consequences of forcing the mirage of gay marriage onto our nation, especially for our children. As we have already seen, Canada is far ahead of us in the process of destroying its children.
Praise God that we have already achieved over £6000 in less than 24 hours. However, we still require more to finish the job. Above all we need prayer that God would release the required funds. I am sending this email to over 4000 recipients so please pray and pray again that more people will respond to this urgent appeal, by donating £5.00 or more if they are able to do so. In that way we should have achieved our goal by the end of today. Above all pray that God would have mercy on our nation. For without prayer all our efforts are in vain.
There are two methods of payment: one is to pay directly using Paypal, the other is to use a bank card. Both methods can be achieve by the following steps:
2. Then click on DONATE button at top right hand corner of the web page.
3. Click on first tab that says “Times Advertisment for same sex marriage.”
4. Enter the amount in the top box. Don’t forget to put in payment like this £XX.XX, showing pennies as well.
5. You then have a choice of paying directly with Paypal but this only works if you have password. If you do not have a Paypal password. Go underneath where you will see a row of bank card icons and it will say
Don't have a PayPal account?
Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue
Visa/Delta/ElectronMasterCard American Express DiscoverMaestroVisa Delta Visa Electron
7. Click on continue and go to where it says: Pay with Credit Card and just fill in the details.
If you have difficulties please contact me.
God Bless you
David 01202 914286

Tesco at World Pride 2012,London (WARNING SCENES OF DEPRAVITY, SKIP TO 2 minutes 40 seconds.)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxrjrUF0_1A
[2] Alain Craig
[3] Hatred and Narcissim of gay lobby.
[5] Gay Storm Troopers
[6] The father of homosexual storm trooper Ernst Rohm:
[7] Silent majority
[8] Silent minority
[9] Tyranny of gaystapo
[10]Aka Green
[11] Children taught to utter filth from gays
[12] Depraved hatred by gays and their supporters. (WARNING FILTHY LANGUAGE) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sWaTGLmppg
[13]Sodomites of Castro districthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrRxFoBSPng
[14] Blitzkrieg of depravity
[15] Drag Queen whips up hatred against Christians
[16] Manchester Police mock Chester Zion Tabernacle at Manchester Pride 2010
Gay Marriage No Thanks .com Because Children Matter
Open To Reason? : Ten Good Reasons Why The House Of Lords Should Say NO to the Same-Sex Marriage Bill


Top image of Jesus by artist Michael Kirwan. Second image: 'Gay Nazis' poster. Third image, gay Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham and his partner Lachlan.